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Join novelist Donald Anderson and artist John McGiff in a study of visual and narrative perspective. A lifelong painter, McGiff was cover-artist for Anderson’s 2023 Hudson Valley novel Disavowals. Writers of fiction can achieve varying perspectives through shifts in point-of-view: from familiar Third-Person, where the narrator stands outside the action; to First-Person, where the narrator is a character within the story; or even Second-Person, where you, the reader, are folded into the story. Disavowals uses all three approaches, and Anderson will explain reasons for this. Artists, meanwhile, have their own visual vocabulary for creating a narrative. The uses of color and light can influence the mood and drama of a piece, while playing with variations of scale and perspective allows the viewer to perceive vast distances, as well as suffocating proximity. There are so many tools at the visual artist’s disposal and many of them mirror the strategies that writers employ to tell their stories. We look forward to sharing with you the ways in which writing and painting intersect and amplify their respective goals.

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