Hyde Park Library’s Thing Library is a collection of non-traditional library items that patrons may borrow. The “things” will include such items as telescoping hiking sticks, a compass, binoculars, microphones and stands, video cameras, digital cameras, and more.

  1. Guidelines for Borrowing and Returning
    1. Items in the Thing Library may be borrowed for a seven-day loan period (unless otherwise stated) to a Borrower who is eighteen years old or over or with a Permission Form signed by a parent or guardian.
    2. Items in the Thing Library are only available to Borrowers with a current Hyde Park Library card in good standing. These items are not available to be checked out by card holders from other Mid-Hudson Library System
    3. Items must be checked out and checked back in with a staff member at the Circulation Desk and may only be renewed if no other patron is waiting to use the Thing Library item.
    4. Borrower and Library Staff must sign and date the Thing Library Equipment Loan Form.
  1. Proper Use and Returning of items in the Thing Library
    1. The Borrower will review any included manuals, training videos, or guides for proper care and use of item or items borrowed.
    2. The item and accompanying parts must be clean and in good condition upon return. Borrowers should use only a gentle soap, with water, and wipe down Thing Library items: they should not use bleach.
  1. Fines and Liability.
    1. Borrower will be billed the listed cost if the item is not returned to the Circulation Desk within the loan period. However, there are no late fees and the bill will be removed as soon as the item is returned in the condition that it was borrowed in.
    2. If the items are damaged, stolen or lost, Borrower will be charged the listed cost to replace.
  1. Check Parts/Instructions
    1. Library Staff and the Borrower will check together that all parts and instructions are present before check-out and before checking back in.
    2. Both Library Staff and Borrower will sign the Thing Library Equipment Loan Form at check-out and check-in.
    3. At return, if a part is missing, item will not be checked in. If the missing part can be replaced, the cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the patron, and they will be contacted and billed.