**Annual Report from the President of the Board of Trustees for 2023**

Board of Trustees:

Lynn Ruggiero (President)

Carole Chambers (Vice-President)

Mark Campbell II (Financial Officer)

Susan Buckley (Secretary)

Paul Agne

Karin Armstrong

Mary Williams

Danielle Hinton Petito


HPL Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

Regular monthly meetings for the Hyde Park Free Library (Association) Board of Trustees are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month beginning at 6pm located in the Hyde Park Library Annex. Any change in date of meeting will be posted.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, June 20

@ 6pm


A Message To Our Community From The Board of Trustees of the Hyde Park Free Library

We the Board of Trustees of the Hyde Park Free Library, a public library, state our support for the current social movement of Black Lives Matter, social movement for equality. At this historic time, we profess unambiguously our belief in equality and justice for all our neighbors.

The library is a place to equalize access to resources which include information, computer access, and a safe place to learn and join with others.

Our mission (adapted in 2009) is “to provide equal and open access to books and other materials, information, and related public library services to support the diverse educational, recreational, and cultural goals of community members of all ages”. All are welcome and no one will be denied access to assistance or other resources.

We all thrive and are free only if each person thrives and is free. Our library, including its building, was a gift from the Roosevelts to the town of Hyde Park. Treating all people equally and encouraging each person to grow and thrive in our democracy, which necessitates shared information and knowledge, is key to the Roosevelt’s dedication to our country and our world. Come and learn more about FDR’s Four Freedoms and ER’s (Eleanor Roosevelt) Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The time is now to stand with our fellow neighbors and to promote respect, equal rights, and equal justice for all. Let us learn from each other and move forward together.

Lynn Ruggiero
Hyde Park Free Library Board of Trustees